Jul 31, 2014

One Woman Still Under Construction

One Woman Still Under Construction

pink flower

Today my son is thirty-five.  I remember explicitly the day he was born.  I was nineteen years old, in a small town on the coast of Oregon away from all my family except my husband.  I was excited the day had finally come, but I was scared to death.   Someone told me that the memory of the pain of childbirth would be forgotten.  That was a lie.  I remember it completely!

He was born face up, and…

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Jul 30, 2014


Light http://wp.me/s3PaGx-light

Tree Lady

I need to write

words won’t come near

I can’t feel the Light

that guides me here

how can I reach

or hope to teach

those who would my path draw near

The Light is here

I don’t feel but know

my mind is tired

the words won’t show

no tears no rant just solitude

I close my eyes

quiet my mood

release desire open my mind

envisioning Light and all It’s Kind

washing my soul

filling me up  making me whole

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Jul 27, 2014


This blog is about my experience with a bad tooth!

Jul 24, 2014


Severe Tooth Pain

Jul 24, 2014


Pain http://wp.me/s3PaGx-pain

God will make a way

Have you ever had an abcessed tooth?

There is an infection at the root nerve at the base of the tooth, and it kills the nerve running up into the tooth.  The process of the nerve dying is excruciating.  It causes a throbbing inside the tooth, feeling like it wants to explode but has no place to go.  It pounds the nerve against the inside of the tooth much like when you bang your head against a…

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Jul 22, 2014
Jul 22, 2014

Jul 14, 2014

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Jul 14, 2014

Talk given 4-27-14 -Peace Be With You -Second Sunday of Easter John 20:19-31

Talk given 4-27-14 -Peace Be With You -Second Sunday of Easter John 20:19-31

stain glass peace

Today is the second Sunday of Easter. It is a time to reflect on what the resurrection of Jesus means to us as individuals
and as a church body. The body of Christ on earth. When have you had an Easter experience in your life?

When I went to Congregational Leaders Workshop at Graceland University a few years ago, I took a class on healing ministries. This was a very untraditional class, I…

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Jul 14, 2014

Hear and Understand

stain glass peace

Hear and Understand – a talk given at Burleson TX Community of Christ July 12, 2014

Read the story. Matthew 13:1-7, 18-21
( funny how today is the 13th and our lesson is from Matt chap. 13)

Why did Jesus teach in parables?
To get one to Hear and understand. To get one to think about the meaning of his words and how they relate to our lives. What kind of ground is good for seeds and do we need to…

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i have been a lightworker since 2007 and have learned many things. i have a talent for healing physical pain and interpreting dreams. the last 4 years have been really hard on me, hard times and i have not been able to practice much. i am trying to find my way back. Subscribe via RSS.